· Mental Health Facilities

Presentations train caseworkers on how to understand and to effectively deal with schizophrenic patients.

· Law Enforcement Organizations

Seminars help police officers to understand what schizophrenic citizens are experiencing, as well as how to best deal with these citizens in stressful situations.

· Medical & Academic Institutions

Speeches and Q & A sessions give doctors, nurses, and academics a firsthand understanding of how a paranoid schizophrenic experiences the world.

My Story

My name is Shuvender Sem, or Shubi for short. I grew up in suburban Pennsylvania, and while running my family’s store after college I began having auditory hallucinations. As the hallucinations intensified I was hospitalized time and again.

Since then I’ve had a life long journey through schizophrenia and to eventual recovery. My hope is that by telling my story, I can help others to overcome mental illness.