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Shubi’s first-hand experience with paranoid schizophrenia has given the medical community fresh eyes on how to define and promote mental health. His nationally renowned struggle with mental health and his subsequent exploration of the science behind schizophrenia has made him insightful in the field.

He now spends his time speaking to law enforcement agencies, universities, and community organizations on how to best understand, work with, and support individuals suffering from mental illness.

His speeches are designed to give the public insight into mental illness and institutionalization. Rather than focusing on medical terminology, these presentations explore Shubi’s unique experience and recount what it is like to suffer, to work hard day after day to regain health, and to ultimately recover.

Presentations offered include:

- police training seminars helping police officers to better assist schizophrenic citizens
- community mental health facilities, training caseworkers how to effectively deal with schizophrenic patients
- rehab centers
- prisons
- universities
- hospitals
- nursing and medical schools
- law schools

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